Are Men Really Victims of Intimate Partner Violence?

There is now no debate with regard to the prevalence and impact of partner abuse and violence against women. Despite an imperfect legal and judicial system, with the Family Court in particular being accused of making a number of inappropriate and even unsafe decisions with regard to the children of violent parents, and a shortage […]

Do we want to be politically correct, or do we want to reduce partner violence in our communities?

Hamel, John. (2010). Partner Abuse, 1(1). Abstract Due to the valiant efforts of victim advocates, a growing body of laws has been enacted across the United States, including the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 1996, with the purpose of protecting victims of partner vio- lence, holding their perpetrators accountable, and providing education and training […]

A new association for professionals with an interest in partner violence

The purpose of this blog is to invite people who are interested in the treatment of partner violence offenders to express their interest in helping to set up a professional association dedicated to this field of work. The association will be set up in Sydney. I envisage that the association will: bring together professionals with […]